Saturday, April 4, 2020

Uncounted COVID-19 Deaths in the US

Few words in this post, just a few pictures and links.
Dramatic drop in confirmed flu cases could be seen last week, even more this week.
Cause: schools are closed in most big states, kids don't spread the infection.
Source: CDC weekly flu report.
Death linked to flu are spiking. That makes no sense when infection numbers are dropping.
Flu and COVID-19 symptoms are very similar. From the Johns Hopkins web site:
Some deaths from COVID-19 are listed as "pneumonia" instead. We don't know how many those are. The official code for listing COVID-19 on death certificates in the US dates to March 18, 2020.

Italy barely managed to arrest the number of new cases and deaths despite a country-wide lockdown and closure of all non-essential businesses:

Today's deaths in the US are based on infections that happened 3 weeks ago.
If the US would stabilize the number of new cases today, we would still see a 3-fold rise in death per day to 4,000 deaths each day. That is more than one million deaths a year.

Every week of delay increases the numbers. COVID-19 is not the flu. It looks a bit like it, but it is much, much worse.

The US needs action that is more drastic than Italy's actions now. Now.

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